Slic3r Manual

If this manual doesn't the answer to your problem you can try several things:


Found on the server, the following chat rooms are often filled with people who can provide real-time help: Forum

A dedicated forum for Slic3r exists in the RepRap forums.

Issue Tracker

If a bug may have been found in the software, or you want to raise any other issue, you can post to the GitHub issue tracker.

Please make sure you've read the guidelines below.

Guidelines for reporting an issue

Keep in mind that developers are working on a volunteer basis, and the volume of requests related to Slic3r is overwhelming, so please understand that the most complete and clear report you make more chances are that you'll get help and attention.

Guidelines for requesting features

Slic3r is a community project, and features are usually added whenever there is general consensus on them. Please start by describing your goal by showing a concrete case. Show G-code of a real case produced with current Slic3r and describe what would you like to improve and why. Put efforts into documenting this with pictures, G-code preview screenshots, close inspection.

After you're focused on why you can move onto ideas for how to achieve that goal. But don't invert the order and the efforts.