Slic3r Manual

This manual was sponsored by image.

Original manual written by Gary Hodgson, with various other contributions.

Slic3r is a tool which translates digital 3D models into instructions that are understood by a 3D printer. It slices the model into horizontal layers and generates suitable paths to fill them.

Slic3r is already bundled with the many of the most well-known host software packages: Pronterface, Repetier-Host, ReplicatorG, and can be used as a standalone program.

This manual will provide guidance on how to install, configure and utilise Slic3r in order to produce excellent prints.

Goals & Philosophy

Slic3r is an original project started in 2011 by Alessandro Ranellucci (aka. Sound). Readability and maintainability of the code are among the design goals, as well as power and flexibility. Slic3r aims to be a professional CAM tool.

The program is under constant refinement, from Alessandro and the other contributors to the project, with new features and bug fixes being released on a regular basis.

Donations and Sponsorship

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