Slic3r Manual

Several options can be disabled or tuned in order to achieve faster G-code generation speed and shorter print times.

Quality options

Quality options

These options provide nicer and cleaner objects but require more CPU time. They can be disabled for draft quality prints.

The Hilbert Curve, Archimedean Chords and Octagram Spiral infill patterns are generally much slower. You might want to avoid them in your draft quality prints if you care about slicing speed.

By default, Slic3r does not simplify the input geometry and will render all details into the output G-code for maximum accuracy. However, high-resolution models often carry more resolution than the printer is able to print, so they can be simplified especially when you want faster slicing. You can set the Resolution option to something like 0.05mm or even 0.1mm for your draft quality prints.

(This hint applies to all kind of prints, not just draft quality.) Many algorithms in Slic3r support parallelization using multiple threads. You should set this option to the number of processors or cores of your computer.